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Friday, January 16, 2009

What New Candle Scents are you looing for in 2009?

I'm starting to think about new fragrances I want to add to my candle line. Please help me decide, take a look at my scent list at:
What do my customers want to smell in their homes? Is it a soothing fragrance to help you relax? Or how about something invigorating to help you get going! Maybe something inspiring to get you baking in the kitchen?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Coffee Mug Candles

I Love making these coffee mug candles! They make such unique gifts, i think it's perfect gift giving for gestures of thanks! Give them to your son or daughters teachers during any Holiday or at the end of the school year. How about giving one to your best friend that loves coffee? What about giving one as a hostess gift when you get invited to a party and don't want to show up empty handed. How cute would these look burning on your kitchen counter when hosting desert and coffee? I usually make up to four of these at a time, i need to move quickly before the wax hardens. I make the tops to look like froth or whip cream and i sprinkle them with real cinnamon and embed two wax cinnamon sticks. They are very cute and smell delicious and I use soy wax! I offer two different scents, one in a cappuccino scent and one in a Hazelnut scent. To Purchase my best selling candle visit my online store.