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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 Ways To Advertise Your Craft Business Locally

10 Ways To Advertise Your Craft Business Locally

These days with the Internet advertising frenzy, one of the most overlooked forms of advertising is to advertise your business locally. Some of your competitors may be advertising locally already. So don't let your business go unnoticed! In addition to the online advertising you are doing, tap into the local market as well.

1. Car Decal If you drive a vehicle, then you already have a great advertising tool that you can use to advertising your business locally. Not only will your website be seen by thousands of other drivers, web decals are quite cost effect at around fifty dollars on average.

2. Craft Shows If you participate in craft shows, place a stack of flyers in a few places on your tables and also hand them to customers when they pay for their purchases. You can also place them in their bag along with their purchases. Also consider having a mailing list sign up book where customers can add their contact information if they would like notification of upcoming shows you will be at, home shows or website news. To encourage them to sign up for your mailing list, offer a small sample or free item to each person that signs up.

3. Cars at local events At events such as craft shows the parking lots are generally full of cars of those customers. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone back to my car to see a flyer placed on the windshield. Be sure and check with your local and state laws before placing flyers on cars at craft shows or other local events. In some states and counties it is not legal to do this.

4. Bulletin Boards Stores and shopping centers usually have bulletin boards and they are a great free way to advertising your website by placing a flyer on them. Keep a stack of flyers in your car to have them available when you go to the store.

5. Phone Book Don’t overlook the possibility of advertising in your local phone book. Be sure and have your ad placed under the proper section. Call your local phone book company to find out about ad sizes and rates.

6. Family and Friends We all know word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool. So use it! Consider asking family and friends to place flyers for you if they are participating in their own craft events such as craft shows or home shows. Or if they are having a yard sale, that is also a great place to place flyers into customers purchase bags.

7. Flyer Swap This is another great way to reach out to other customers by exchanging flyers with other craft businesses. What you will do is send the other business your flyers and they in return will send you theirs. Include the other businesses flyers in all outgoing packages, in customer bags at your craft show, etc., and they will do the same for you. If you are a member of a online craft forum, this can be a great place to seek out other online businesses that may be interested in doing a flyer swap with you.

8. Local Newspaper By running a classified or small text ad in your local paper can be a very cost effective way to reach your local market. Call the advertising department to find out the various ad sizes and rates.

9. Local Business Fair Consider setting up a booth at your local business fair. Business fairs usually bring a lot of traffic as most business fairs combine the business booths with entertainment, give-a-ways and food. Be sure and have flyers, small samples to give a way to those that stop by your booth, as well as a newsletter sign up book. You could also offer a coupon on your flyer that is good towards their first purchase from your website.

10. Network Check to see if your county has a crafters guild or similar membership group. Joining a local group or guild is a great way to network with other crafters. Not only will you likely make some great friends, participate in events, have the opportunity to network, but also have your name listed on their guild directory.

© 2007 Kelle Arvay is the owner of Instant Printables which offers customers access to downloadable printable crafts. In addition, she is also the owner of eCraft Classes which is a site dedicated to all types of online craft classes. Kelle has been working with customers for over 6 years.